Find Your First World War Relatives

Find Your First World War  Relatives  in Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire

Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen & Nurses


Below you can find a list of all the names on WW1 War Memorials in the Blackmore Vale region.

Browse over 2,000 names and ranks listed in alphabetical order.

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Private Albert Henry Abbott
W J Abbott
Sergeant Edwin Abbott
Private John B Adams
Private Henry David Adams
Private Stanley Edgar Adams
Gunner Albert Edward Adams
W H Adams
Stoker 1st class George Henry Adams
Private Ernest Adams
Private Walter Adams
Private Sydney Aldridge
Private Walter Aldridge
P Aldworth
Private Charles Bertie Alexander
Private John Leonard Alexander
Gunner Ernest John Alford
Private William Alford
Private John Walter Allen
Private William Walter Allen
Reginald Allen
Private Frank Allwood
Private Charles A Alner
Private Harry William Alner
Private Sidney William Alner
Private William Alner
Private Frank Parry Amor
Private” Thomas George Anderson
Private Richard Ewart Andrew
Private John James Andrews
Private Harry John Andrews
Private Hedley Victor Andrews
Lance Corporal Clifford Andrews
Lance Sergeant Harold Andrews
Corporal George Fred Andrews
S J Andrews
Corporal Walter William Anstey
Gunner Hubert Claude Anstey
Private Thomas George Antell
Lance Corporal Arthur Antell
Private Alfred George Anthony
Lance Corporal John Richards Appleby
Private Charles Henry Arney
Private Douglas A Arnold
Private Bernard Arnold
Private George Arnold
Private Bernard John Arscott
Sapper Robert Ashby
Private Charles George Ashford
SPO (petty officer – stoker) Ernest J Ashford
Private Sidney J Ashford
Private Frederick Jesse Ashford
Private Herbert William Ashford
Private Arthur Ashford
Private Hubert Ashford
Private Robert Harry Ashford
Petty Officer Stoker Ernest Ashford
Private William Ashford
Rifleman Frederick Thomas Atkinson
Private Arthur Edward Austin
Private Arthur Avery
Private James Avery
Private Sidney Avery
Private William James Axe
Corporal Charles Axford
Private Hugh Edward Ayles
Private William Ayling

Pioneer Frank Badger
Corporal Charles Bagwell
Private Lionel John Bailey
Able Seaman Wilfrid Victor Bailey
F Bailey
Captain Theodore Bailwood
Private George Albert Baker
Private Augustus Claude Baker
Sergt Sidney George Charles Baker
Private Alfred J Baker
Lance Corporal Harry Jeffrey Baker
Private Alick Luther Baker
Private Percy W Baker
Lance Corporal Reginald William Baker
Private Charles Baker
Private Jehu Baker
Shoeing Smith Edward G Baker
Lance Sergeant Edwin John Baker
Private Ernest G Baker
Lieutenant Colonel Charley Blair Baldock
Private William John Ball
Corporal Arthur Ball
Private Maurice Ball
Able Seaman John Robert Bannister
Private Frank Barber
Wilfred Barber
Private William S Barlow
Private Frederick Charles Barnes
Sergeant Percy George Barnes
Private Harry Barnes
Private R C Barnett
Private Albert George Barrett
Private William Barrett
Bombadier Cadet William Gerge Barter
Private Reginald Sidney Barter
Captain L A Bartlett
Rifleman Claud Allen Bartlett
Private William Frederick Bartlett
Private M G Bartlett
Acting Lance Corporal Herbert George Bartlett
Sergeant Charles Henry Bartlett
Private Edward William Bartlett
Private Bertram Bartlett
Private Thomas Bartlett
Rifleman William Bartlett
Private Ernest Frank Bascombe
Private William Henry (Harry) Bastable
Private Edwin Horace Bastable
Private Harry (Henry) John Bastable
Private William Richard Bastable
Private George William Bastable
Sergeant George Robert Batson
Rifleman Frederick Batson
Corporal Walter Edmund Batstone
Private Percival Herbert Batten
Corporal George Batten
Driver Thomas Murrley Batton (Batten)
Private Herbert George Battrick
Private Reginald William Baverstock
G Baverstock
Lieutenant Colonel Walter Herbert Baxter
Private John Bazely
Private William George Beale
Private Harry (Henry) Stanley Beale
Captain Adam Crompton Bealey
Sapper William Augustus Bealing
Private Seba Tom Bealing
Corporal Alfred Bealing
Private Arthur Bealing
Private James Bealing
Private Lionel Alfred Beare
Gunner Albert Edward Beaumont
Private Jack Beck
Gunner Ernest William Beddow
Ordinary Seaman George (Beach) Beech
Captain William Henry Beever
Lieutenant Jonathan Holt Beever
H J Belben
Rifleman Clarence Ralph Belbin
Private Charles Belbin
Private Sidney Belbin
Private William Belbin
E B Bell
G E Bell
Private Bertie Edward Bell
Regimental Sergeant Major John Bell
Private Harry Bellows
E G Bennett
Lance Corporal Thomas James Bennett
Chaplain The Reverend Arnold John Bennett
Sergeant James John Bessant (Besent)
Private George Ernest Best
Corporal William John Best
Private Frederick Best
Private Morgan William Bevan
Sergeant Henry James Bicknell
Private Sidney W Biddiscome
Private William Charles Biddlecombe
Private Leslie Robert Biddlecombe
J J Bidgood
Lance Corporal John Biggin
J H Billen
Lance Corporal William John Bindon
Lance Corporal Hubert Bishop
Company Sergeant Major Henry Charles Biss
Private Harry Christopher Biss
Lance Corporal Robert George Biss
Lance Corporal Jessie Biss
Trooper John Biss
Private Gerald Henry Hinuber Blake
Private Charles John Blake
Private Sidney Reginald Blake
Private George W Blake
Gunner William Blake
Lance Sergeant Frederick Edward Blandford
Private George Frederick Blandford
G W Blandford
Private John William Blandford
Corporal Frederick William Bletso
Air Mechanic Thomas Bliss
Commander Thomas Charles Albert Blomefield
Lieutenant John Bloomfied Gough
William Blucher
Private Edwin George Bobbett
Private William Frank Bolson
Private Edgar Henry Bolster
W J Bond
Guardsman John Charles Boucher
Private Albert George Boucher
Sergeant George Boulton
Rifleman William (bovett) Bovitt
Private Albert Bowden
S Bowerman
Private Frederick C Bowles
Private Frederick Cecil Bowles
Private Frederick Cecil Bowles
Private Bertram Percival Bowles
Private Alfred Radcliffe Bowles
Private Alfred George Bown
Private Albert John Bown
Private Arthur Bown
Private Ernest William M. Bozie
Private William George Bracher
Lance Corporal Frederick William Bracher
Private Bertie John Bradley
Arthur Brain
Gunner John Brake
Private Frank Bratchell
Sapper Bertie Brewer
Private Richard Brewer
Private F E Brickell
Corporal Frederick James Brickell
Private Victor Robert Brickell
Charles Brickell
Private Ernest Brickell
Private John Brickell
Corporal Samuel Brickell
Private Thomas Brickell
Private Frederick E Brickfield
Private James Gatehouse Bricknell
Private Frederick George Bridle
Sergeant Edward Robert Bridle
Sergeant Percy Henry Brill
Private Walter Brimble
Private Reginald Henry Brine
Corporal Albert Brine
Gunner Albert Brine
Bombadier Frank Brine
Private Edmund Arthur Brister
Corporal Sidney James Brister
Private Ernest Brister
Private Richard H Britton
Sergeant George F Brixey
Private Francis Henry Broad
Private Thomas Richard Brodrick
Corporal Thomas Brooker
Gunner John Edward Brooks
Sergeant Albert Edward Banfield Brooks
Lance Corporal Ernest Brooks
Lance Corporal Edward William Broomfield
Private Obrey Archibald Brown
A/Cpl Stephen Harold Brown
Corporal Walter Henry Brown
Private Percy John Brown
Private Horace William Brown
Private Raymond William Brown
Rifleman Bertram Brown
Driver Frederick Brown
Private George Brown
Lieutenant Oscar Brown
Private Richard Brown
Private Stanley Brown
Sergeant Howard James Brown
Ernest Brown
Stoker 1st Class Tom Brown
Captain Harold Browne
Corporal Tom Browne
Rifleman Benjamin James Bucknall
Private Charles Ernest Budden
Private Hubert Henry Bugg
Private George E Bugler
Private Charles George Bugler
Corporal William George Bugler
Private James Bugler
Private Leonard Harold Bulpitt
F J Burbage
H Burbage
Lance Corporal James Percy Burbidge
Private Willie George Burden
Private Maurice Henry Burden
Private Arthur Burden
Reginald Burden
Chief Petty Officer James Charles Burfitt
Private John Burge
Private Herbert John Burgess
E Burgess
Driver Frank Burgess
Sergeant Leslie Robert Burnell
Second Lieutenant Cyril Talbot Burney Croft
Corporal Wilfred Burns
Private Clement Burr
Private Harry Vivian Burridge
Colour Sergeant Major Arthur George Burrough
S Burrows
Private Charles Burt
Private Ernest Henry Bush
Private William Bussell
Private William Charles Frederick Butler
Private George Butler
Private Reginald (Reggie) Butt
Private Albert Arthur Butt
Private Harry Charles Butt
Private Wlifred James Butt
Private Ernest Leslie Butt
Private Frederick Butt
Private James Butt
Private Harry William Button
C Cabel
Private Edwin Cabell
Private Thomas James Caddy
Lance Corporal Charles Ernest Cadie
Corporal Eric Cadie
Rifleman Frederick Charles Caiger
Rifleman William Edwin Edward Caines
Private F Caller
Lance Corporal Frederick James Callow
W J Campbell
Guardsman Reginald John Candy
Private William Candy
Private Alfred Cannon
Captain Basil Alfred Capel Cure
Private Charles Card
Rifleman Sidney Albert Carpenter
Private Charles Phillip Carpenter
Private Patrick Carroll
Private Albert Edward Carter
Private Jesse Francis Carter
Private Stephen James Carter
Private Edwin James Gordon Carter
Leading Signalman Charles Carter
Private Ernest Carter
Private John Carter
Private Thomas Carter
2nd Lieutenant Lionel Henry Liptrah Carver
Lieut (TP) Harold Quinan Carver
Gunner Ernest Case
Lance Corporal George Southam Cash
Shoing Smith Corporal Herbert Ernest Catchpole
Captain Frederick James Chadwick
2nd Lieutenant Richard Markbarn Chadwick
Lance Corporal Walter John Chaffey
Private Trevor Chaffin
Private William Thomas Chaldecott
Private Lewis Chalkley
Private William Albert Chamberlain
Private William Arthur Chamberlain
Private William John Chamberlain
A Channing
Rifleman Charles Edward Channon
F E Chant
Private Charles Frederick John Chant
B T Chant
Private John Henry Chaplin
Private Leonard Chaplin
Private William James Chapman
Private Walter Stanley Chapman
Private Frederick William George Chapman
Private James Chapman
H W Charles
Major William Henry Charlesworth
Private Harvey Frank Cheeseman
Sapper Cecil Cheeseman
Private Kenneth Charles Cherry
Captain Alfred Douglas Cherry
Guardsman Frank George Chester
Guardsman Frank George Chester
Private Gerald Henry Chick
Sergeant Trevor Philipps Chick
Lance Corporal Herbert Chidgey
Private Jesse Chislett
Private John Chown
Corporal Alfred John Christmas
Private Alfred John Christmas
Private Robert Christopher
Private Martin Chubb
J E Chudleigh
Corporal Lionel George Churchill
Private Clarence R Churchill
E R Churchill
Second Lieutenant Arthur Clapton
Private Reginald Eli James Clark
Private Walter R Clark
Private Joseph Samuel Clark
Lance Corporal Albert Clark
Private Wiiliam Clark
Fitter William Dan Clarke
Corporal Arthur Frederick Clarke
Private William George Clarke
Rifleman Albert Henry Clarke
Private Uriah James Clarke
Private Arthur John Clarke
Lance Corporal William John Clarke
Private Arthur James Clements
Private Edward Frank Cluett
Private Frances Heywood Cluett
Private Charles Major Cluett
Driver Albert Siney Cluett
Private Arthur Ellis Cobbold
Private Harold Frederick Coffin
Lieutenant William Thomas Cole
Second Lieutenant William Thomas Cole
Able Seaman Samuel Cole
Private Reginald Arthur Coles
Private Frederick Charles c Coles
Private Roland Collard
Private Lionel Bertram Collins
Private Edward James Collins
Driver Wilfred James Collins
Private Robert John Collins
Staff Sergeant Chislett Maurice Collins
Private Robert Selway Collins
Private Albert Collins
Private Frank Collins
Private Lionel Bertram Collis
Private Frederick Collis
Private Sidney Collis
Private Harry Compton
Private Herbert Compton
Private Albert Charles Conway
Private William John Conway
William Conway
Lance Corporal Frank Edric Cook
Private Harold John Cook
Private Charles Cook
Private Percy Cook
Private Arthur James Cook
Private Samuel Cooke
Private Harry Coombe
Private Bertie Christopher Coombes
Private Charles Edwin Coombes
Private Henry Coombes
Private Francis Philip Coombes
W T Coombs
Guardsman Alfred George Cooper
Gunner Eli J Cooper
Trooper Edward John Cooper
G Cooper
Private Walter John Cornick
Private Harold Francis Cosser
Private William Edward G Counter
W Counter
Private Harry Cousins
Private Maurice George Coward
Private Frank John Fredrick Coward
Private A W Coward
Private Frank Coward
Private Harold Coward
Acting Sergeant Robert Coward
2nd Lieutenant Jocelyn Gore Cowell
Private Ernest Arthur Cox
Corporal Charles Ernest? Cox
E G Cox
Sergeant William Henry Cox
Private Felix Jack recorded as ‘John’ in Soldiers Died Cox
Private Frederick James Cox
Private William John ( Jack ) Cox
Private F or Charles Cox
Private John Cox
Private Tom Cox
Private Jack Felix John Cox
Driver Walter George Crabb
Private Frank Crabb
Lance Corporal Alfred Frank Creed
Corporal Alfred Charles Crew
Private William Crocker
Private Gerald Cronin
2nd Lieutenant Arthur Bernard Lifford Crosby
Lieutenant Timothy Hugh Stowell Crosby
Lieutenant Reginald Carlton Cross
Lance Corporal William Henry Cross
Private William James Cross
Sergeant E M F Cross
Guardsman William Crossman

J H  Crouch
Private William Croute
Private George Cryer
Lance Corporal Wilfred George Cuff
Mechanic Reginald Walter Cuff
F Cuff
Private George Cuff
Private John Culkin
Captain Geoffrey M.G. Culley
Private Thomas Ernest Cundy
Major Alexander Boyd Cuninghame
Private William Aleck Curtis
Private George Edmund Curtis
Leading Stoker Percy John Curtis
Private Arthur Curtis
Private Edward Curtis
Private Harry Curtis
Private Wilfred Curtis

Corporal Henry George Dade
Private Thomas Daines
Lieutenant Colonel Francis Edward Llloyd Daniell
Lieutenant Colonel Edward Henry Edwin Daniell
Sergeant Reginald James Tom Daniels
Private Percy Dargue
Private Robert Horwood Darke
Private Ernest Alexander Davenport
T C Davey
R F Davey
Private Claude Davidge
Private George Richard Ford Davies
Driver Mildred Constance Davis
Private Harold Dean Davis
Sergeant Frederick Edward Davis
Able Seaman Albert Frank Davis
Private Jesse Frank Davis
Private Ivor Franklin Sellick Davis
H J Davis
Private Reginald Richard Davis
Private Henry Robert Davis
B Davis
Private Charles Davis
Sergeant Harry Davis
Private Fred Dawe
Corporal John Eli Philip Day
Private Henry Harry John Day
Gunner Ernest James Day
Lance Corporal Gordon Tom Robert Day
Leading Seaman G Day
Petty Officer Stoker Harry Day
C Deacon
Frederick Bert Dean
Private William Deane
Guardsman T Arthur Delement
T J A Denmead
Private William John Charles Dennett
Private John Thomas Dennett
Private Thomas William Denny
Private Tom Dewfall
Private Frank Dibben
Private Harry Dibble
Able Seaman Ernest James Dicker
H Dicks
Private William Grant Diment
Private William Henry Diment
E R Diment
Private Thomas Diment
W Dingley
Private Herbert Dismore
Private Alonsa Dixon
Sergeant Arthur Henry Doddington
Private Jim Doddington
Private Kenneth Augustus Dodge
Sergeant Thomas Doggrell
Private Percy C Domoney
Private Frederick Henry Domoney
A G Donovan
Private Albert George Dorrington
Private Frederick Stanley Doughty
Private George Dove
Private Walter Dowding
Driver Arthur Dowland
Private Percy Harold Down
Private Reginald Harold Down
Captain William Oliphant Down
Trooper Bertram Sidney Down
Corporal Charles Down
Private Ernest A Downton
Rfileman Albert C Downton
Lance Corporal William Frank Downton
Lance Corporal William Frank Downton
Corporal William James Downton
Private Archibald Downton
Private Bertie Downton
Private Gerald Downton
Private Herbert Downton
Sapper Reginald Robert Drake
Sergeant Thomas Drake
Private William Drake
Private Harry Drew
Rifleman Edward Phillips Drewett
Private Sylvster Henry Dukes
Private Charles John Dukes
Private Edwin John Dunford
Sergeant Edward John Dungey
Private Percy V J Dunn
Private Leslie Victor Dunning
Private William Wilfred Durden
Lieutenant Reginald William Durdle
Private Reginald Horace Augustus Durnford
Private Frederick Alfred Durrant
Private Frederick Lewis James Durrant
Private Arthur Durrant
Private Edwin Durrant
Private James Durrant
Private Jesse Durrant
2nd Lieutenant William Blencowe Wells Durrant Wells
Private Montague George Teck Durston
Mate Arthur Ernest Dyer
Stoker Petty Officer W Dyer
Captain Walter Basil Ball Dyke
Lieutenant George Bewsey Dyke
Private George Henry Dyke

Private George Dodson Eagle
J H Earl
Private Ernest Edward Eason
Private Samuel Phillip Eason
Private Smauel Eastment
Private William John Eaton
Phillip Eaton
Private Herbert James Edgington
Lance Corporal Leonard George Edmunds
Sergeant Albert Frederick Edridge
Lieutenant Harold Ethelstan Edwards
Private George Harold Edwards
Private Edward Henry Edwards
Leading Seaman Ernest William Blunt Edwards
Private John Edwards
Second Lieutenant Brian Raleigh Egerton
Private R Elcock
Private Frederick George Ellery
Private Frederick George Ellery
Private James Ellery
Lieutenant John Elliot
Gunner George Richard Berekely Ellis
Gunner George Richard Berkley Ellis
Private Henry John Elsworth
Private W T Elsworth
Private Archibald William Elsworth
Lieutentnat Richard William Empson
Private Alan Reginald English
Private Arthur William English
Captain William Henry Eve
Able Seaman William B Everett
Private W H Everett
L R Ewens

Rifleman Myler Barnes Falla
Private John Francis Farrell
Private Arthur Daniel Farthing
Lieutenant Robert James Donald Few
Lance Corporal Frederick John Few
Sergeant Edgar Fiander
Private Arthur Buckenham Fish
Private Arthur Gordon Fish
Private Harry Fish
Corporal Edwin Ernest Fisher
Private William Henry Fisher
F  Fitkins
Private Herbert George Flanders
Lance Corporal James Frederick Alfred Fletcher
Corporal H l Fletcher
2nd Lieutenant Gareth William
Hamilton Fletcher
Private Phillip Norman Flower
Private Tom Flower
J W Fone
F T Fooks
Private George Ernest Foot
Lance Corporal Edwin Henry Foot
Private Ernest J Foot
Trooper Benjamin James Foot
Private Albert Richard Foot
Lance Corporal Reginald Robert Foot
Lance Corporal Edward Silke Foot
Private Frederick Foot
Lance Corporal Herbert Foot
Private Charles James Foote
Private Sidney Herbert Ford
Lance Corporal Alfred Thomas Ford
Lance Corporal Cecil Tom Ford
Frederick Ford
Private John Ford
Private Edwin C Forsey
Private Gerald Sidney Forward
Private Robert George Fowler
Able Seaman Harry Victor Fowler
Private Arthur Fowles
Private Robert Fowles
Private David Charles Fox
Private Percival Edgar Fox
Private James Henry Fox
Captain Reginald James Fox
Private Sidney John Fox
Lieutenant Thomas Noel Fox
Private Albert Victor Fox
Acting Lance Corporal Montague Wesley Fox
Private Frederick William Fox
Private William Fox
Private Thomas Foyle
Private Eric Wilson John Framp
Rfleman Reginald Frederick George Frampton
Private Frederick George Frampton
Private Charles Frampton
Private W H Francis
Private Frank Henry P Francis
Private Henry Herbert Francis
Private Henry John Francis
Lance Corporal Percy Francis
Private William ‘Chas’ Francis
Private William t’ John Fricker
Guardsman Henry Fricker
Private Henry James Frizzell
Private Henry Charles Frizzle
Private Edward George Frizzle
Private Bertram Hugh Frost
Private Frank Alvey Fry
Private Gilbert Arthur Fry
Private Stanley Edgar Fry
Private F G Fry
Private Frederick George Fry
Private William John Fry
Private Robert Fry
Corporal Joseph George Fudge
Private George James Fudge
Private Arthur Fudge
Private Theodore Fudge
Guardsman Walter Fudge
Trumpeter Thomas John Fuller
Private Tom Furmage

Private William Thomas Gadd
Lance Corporal Leonard A G Gale
Trooper John Frederick Estcourt Gale
Private Alphonso Gale
R Gale
Private Reginald Gale
Private Sidney Gale
Rifleman Leonard John Galpin
Battery Sergeant John Galpin
Private Randoplh Galpin
Private Benjamin James Galpin
Rifleman Alfred Oliver James Ganden
E S B Gapp
Private Sidney G Garrett
Private Frederick George Garrett
Frederick George Garrett
Private Sydney George Neal Garrett
Private George Garrett
Private George Garrett
J Gatcombe
Private Edward Gatehouse
Private Ernest Gatehouse
2nd Lieutentant John Gatehouse
Private Percy Gatehouse
Private Sidney Gawler
Sergeant Albert Samuel Gay
Private Douglas Genge
Driver Haseley Albert George
Corporal Justus Watts George
Private Stanley George
Private Stanley George
Sergeant Walter Frederick Gibbons
Private Sidney William Gibbs
Private Thomas Gibbs
Private Leslie Frank Gifford
Donald Ralph Gifford Martin
M Gilbert
Gunner George Gillam
Private John Warren Gillard
Seaman Victor Allen Gillet
Leading Seamn William Gillett
Private Charles Edward Gillingham
Private G Richard Gillingham
Private Harwood Gillingham
Private Richard Gillingham
Private Harold Glass
Private Hubert Glover
Lance Corporal Herbert George Goddard
N C Godfrey
Sapper Edward John Godfrey
Private Wallace Morden Goldie
Lance Corporal John Graham Goodfellow
Private William Joseph Goodland
Private C Goodwin
Captain Adjutant Gerard Montague Gordon

Lance Corporal Mervyn Hugh Egerton Gorringe
H Gosney
Private Harold Gosney
Private Stanley Reginald Gough
Farrier Sergeant Herbert Charles Gould
Corporal George Lewis Gould
Private Bertie Gould
Bertie Gould
Shoeing Smith Walter Gould
Sergeant Edgar Albert Gower
Private Joseph Aitken Graham
Private George Beck Grant
Lieutenant Harold Grant-Dalton
Boy 2nd Class Royal Navy E C Gray
Lance Corporal Edward Charles Gray
Private Cecil Dennis Gray
Captain Julian Frederick Gray
Private Sidney Gilbert Gray
Private Frank James Gray
Private Frederick James Gray
Private Frederick Percival Gray
Private Albert Percy Gray
Private Ernest William Gray
Captain Fred William Gray
2nd Lieutenant Frederick William Gray
Private Bertram Williiam Gray
Acting Corporal Edward Gray
Sergeant Frederick Gray
Private Harry Gray
Private Percy Gray
Gunner Reginald Gray
Private Sidney Gray
Private Sidney Gray
w Gray
Private William Gray
Gunner Reginald George Green
Stoker 2nd Class Maurice Harry Green
Private Amos J Green
Private Samuel Stephen Green
Private James Victor Green
A Green
Private E Green
Corporal Edwin William Greenway
Private Edwin Greenway
Private Alfred Thomas Gregory
Private Robert Eric Griffiths
Captain Richard Eustace Grosvenor
Private Montague Douglas Groves
Private Robert Gulliford
Private Edward Charles Guppy
Private Reginald J Guppy
Private Arthur John Guppy
Lance Corporal Joseph Guppy
Gunner Leslie Robert Gutsell
Gunner William George Guy
Private Percy Reginald John Guy

Lance Corporal Reginald Garfield Hacker
Lieutenant Hugh John Haden Shields
Private Albert Edwin Haim
Lance Sergeant John Edward Morris Hains
Private Cuthbert Henry Hains
H J Hall
Sergeant William John Hall
Gunner Robert Hall
Private Ernest Edward Hall
Private Edgar Charles Hallett
Private Tom George Hallett
Sergeant T R Hallett
Sapper Edward Ham
Private William Edward Hamblin
Private Bertie James Hamblin
Rifleman Arthur John Hamblin
Able Seaman Harry Hamblin
C Hammett
Lance Corporal Walter James Hammond
Sergeant Alfred Clifford Hamp
Private H John Hancock
Private Walter Charles Hanham
Lance Corporal Walter Benjamin James Hann
Private Albert Edward Hann
Private Francis Frank Hann
Private Archie T G Hann
Private Frederick Hann
Sergeant Frederick Hann
Corporal Alfred Hann
Rifleman William Alfred Hannam
Private Charles Arthur Hannam
Sergeant William Ernest Hannam
Corporal Frank Hannam
Private Hugh Hannam
Privare Albert George Hansford
Acting Corporal Levil Joseph Hansford
Gunner Frank Hansford
F Hardement
Private Decimus Charles Hardiman
Private Albert Edwin Hardiman
Corporal Henry Arthur Harding
Sergt Henry John Harding
Private Alfred Sidney Harding
Private Norman William Harding
Second Lieutenant Frederick McMahon Hardman
Rifleman Fred A Hardy
Private Henry Charles Hardy
B G  Hardy
Private Frderick Percy Hardy
Henry Hardy
1st Class Petty Officer Edward J Harnett
1st Class Petty Officer Albert James Harnett
Rifleman Jasper Harriman
Driver / Gunner Harry Augustus Sheppard Harris
Sergeant William George Harris
Private Albert James Harris
Corporal John William Harris
Lance Corporal Frank Walter Harrison
Gunner Frederick John ‘Jack’ Hart
Gunner Reginald Sidney Hart
Private Robert Hart
Private Stanley Hartnell
Private Harry Charles Haskett
Private Ernest Charles G Haskett
Private Frederick George Haskett
Corporal Henry George Haskett
Private Henry John Haskett
Private William G Hasley
Gunner Hugh James Hatcher
Lance Corporal Henry Meatyard Hatcher
Private James Robert Hatcher
Private Fred Hatcher
Gunner Joseph Hatcher
Private Thomas George Hatcher
F Hawker
G Hawker
Private Edwin G Hawkins
Sapper Herbert John Hawkins
Private George Hawkins
Private Henry Alfred George Hayter
Private William Henry Hayter
Rifleman Alexander James Hayter
B J Hayward
Driver Stanley Hayward
2nd Lieutenant Frank Pung Hazell
Rifleman Richard Hazelwood
Private Joseph Leonard Hazzard
H C C Heard
Private Frank Heathman
Private Arthur Hebditch
Private William Charles Hedditch
Rifleman Ernest Frank Hedditch
Able Seaman Hubert Hellier
Sergeant Gilbert Watkins Hellyar
Squadron Quartermaster SergeantQM Sergt Ralph Hellyar
A Helyar
Private Reginald Henness
Private Samuel Henry Henning
Private William Mark Henstridge
Guardsman Sidney Herbert Henwood
Private Eli Henwood
R Henwood
Private Henry Charles Herridge
Leading Seaman Frank Herridge
Private Joseph Percy Herrington
Sergeant Albert Victor Herrington
Private Joseph William Hewlett
Private Edward Ernest Hibberd
Private Arthur Alfred Hibbs
Private Ernest Hibbs
Gunner George Hickman
Staff Sergeant Thomas James Hicks
Private William Charles Higgins
B E Higgins
Squadron Sergeant Major Joseph Joe Higgins
Private John Highman
Private Reginald Charles Hill
Able Seaman Phillip Henry Hill
Corporal Alexander Maurice Hill
Private David Patterson Hill
Private Arthur T Hill
Rifleman George Hill
Private H Hillborne
Private Tom Frederick Hilliar
Private Albert Henry Hilliar
Guardsman Herbert John Hillier
Private William Hillier
Private William Hillier
Driver Ivor Charles Hine
Chief Stoker Frederick George Hine
Gunner Ernest Clifford Hinks
Private Frederick Charles Hiscock
Sapper Harry George Hiscock
Rifleman Albert Hiscock
Lance Corporal Bertram Hiscock
Private William Hiscocks (Hiscox)
Private Albert Edwin Hobbs
Chief Petty Officer Thomas Hobbs
Captain Paul Edward Hobhouse
Private Henry Albert Hockey
Private Walter William Hodder
Private Frederick Hodder
Private Edward Charles Hoddinott
Private John Charles Hodges
Private William Henry Hodges
Lieutenant Richard Everleigh Hodgson
Captain Francis Herbert Hodgson
Private Carpenters Crew R Holdway
Private William George Hole
Private Herbert Hole
H W Holland
Private George Walter Holland
Private Edward Holland
Private Walter George Holloway
Private Tom Sidney Holloway
Driver Ernest Walter Holly
Private Robert Holly
Private Frank James Holmes
C Holmes
Lance Corporal Percy Lionel Holt
Private Thomas John Homer
Private Herbert George Hooper
Gunner Albert Henry Hooper
2nd Lieutenant Leonard John Hooper
Private Victor R C Hooper
Sergeant Frederick Thomas Hooper
Private Ivor Robert Hopkins
Private Reginald Horder
Private James Hugh Horne
Lance Corporal Ernest Frank Horrell
Private James George Horrell
Private William Hosier
Private Thomas F Hoskins
Private Eli Frederick Hoskins
Private Clifford Hugh Hoskins
Able Seaman Harold Percival Hoskins
Private W Stanley Hoskins
Private Ernest E House
Lance Corporal Frederick Arthur Howe
Private Frederick Fowler Hoyle
Gunner Asker Edgar Hubbard
Sergeant Sydney Samuel Hubbard
Private Reginald John Charles Hughes
Private Arthur Hughes
Major George Geoffrey Prendergast Humphreys
Private Walter Henry Humphries
Gunner F Arthur Hunt
Private George David Hunt
Private Alfred Ernest Hunt
Lance Corporal Cecil George Hunt
Sapper Robert Israel Hunt
Private Walter J Hunt
Able Seaman Frank James George Hunt
Private Cosseley John Berkeley Hunt
Private George Victor Arthur Hunt
Private Edward Hunt
Private Ernest Hunt
Private Thomas Hunt
Lance Corporal Francis James Hurden
Lance Corporal Frederick Arthur Huss
Gunner William Thomas Huss
Rifleman Percy Hussey
Boy 2nd Class Albert Edward Hutchings
Sergeant John Septimus Hutchings
C Hutchings
Private (W) Albert Henry Hutchins
Private Clifford Hutley
W T H Hyde
Private William Thomas Hyde
Private George Hyde

Bertie Howard Imber
Private Mark Imber
Private Ethelbert Percy Ings
Sapper Ernest John Inkpen
Private Bertram Inkpen
Farrier Sergeant Walter Inkpen
Sergeant Walter Inkpen
Private William Inkpen
Trooper George Innes
Private Windham (G) Charles or Clifford Ireland
Staff Sergeant John Miller Irving
Lance Corporal Frederick John Isaacs
Private Harry Ives

2nd Lieutenant Patrick Arthur Dudley Jackson
Private Walter Reginald Joshua Jackson
Gunner Cyril T R Jacob
Rifleman Edgar Jacob
Corporal Stanley Reginald Jeanes
Private Robert Jeanes
Driver Lionel Charles Jeans
Private Alfred George Jeans
Corporal Jesse Jeans
Private Albert C Jeans
Sergeant Major James Jefford
Rifleman Lewis Clarence Jeffrey
Private Arthur Frank Jeffries
Mechanic Charles William Jeliffe
Private William Edward Jenkins
j g Jenkins
Lance Corporal Albert George Jenkins
Lance Corporal Albert Jenkins
Private Bert P on wm Jennings
Private Edgar George Jesty
Private Wilfred Jesty
Lance Sergeant Mark Johnson
Private Thomas Johnson
Private Thomas E Johnston
Sub Lieutenant William Johnston
Private Edmund Charles Joliffe
Private Victor H Joliffe
Private Edward William Jolliffe
Private Fred Jolliffe
Gunner Victor Jolliffe
A D K Jones
Private Frederick John Jones
Private George Milford Jones
Leading Stoker Victor Jordan
Private Herbert Joyce
Private Martin Joyce
Lance Corporal Percy James Judd
Drummer Harry Jukes
Private Louis Jukes
Lieutenant Sydney Jukes
Private Edward Jupe

Private Bertram Keast
Private Wilfred Keates Keats
Sapper Hubert Thomas Keevil
Private John Keevil
Private Reginald Keevil
Private Wyndham Henry Kellaway
Gunner Thomas Kelly
Driver Frederick James Kempster
Acting Corporal Ivor Charles Kendall
Private Ernest George Kendall
Private Herbert George Kendall
Private Claude Kendall
Private George Kendall
Lieutenant Colonel Maurice Nicholl Kennard
L W  Kennard
Private S Kennell
Driver Albert James Kent
Private Herbert William Kenway
Private Harry Harold Edward Kerley
Private William James Kerley
Private Harry Kerley
Daniel E Kerr
Colonel Frederick Walter Kerr
Private George Claude Kershaw
Private Thomas Henry Kiddle
Cadet Clifford Henry E Kiddle
Private Edward John Kiddle
Corporal Leonard Walter Kiddle
Private Edwin William Kiddle
2nd Lieutenant John Kilby
Private Albert Tom Killen
2nd Lieutenant Henry Arthur King
Private William Arthur King
Private William George King
Private William John King
Private Arthur Stanley King
Gunner Charles Stephen King
Lance Corporal Edward Thomas King
Private Arthur Wallance Lanceley King
Gunner Ernest William King
Private Charles King
Corporal Thomas William Kingdom
Private John Walter Kingman
Driver Arthur Kingsbury
Private Frederick Kingsbury

F J Kinnard
Private William Charles Knight
A/C Sergeant Major Edgar Hugh Knight
Private Charles James Knight
Private Frank W Thomas Knight
Private Thomas Knight
2nd Lieutenant Phillip Clfford Knights or Knight
Private Albert Kynaston

Private Hugh Davy Labrum
Gunner William Lamb
Private Harry G Lambert
Private Stephen Henry Lambert
Private Harry Reader Lambert
Private Reginald Lambert
Private Edward Lambert
Private Walter Lambert
Private Henry Charles Lampard
Private James John Lampard
Stoker 1st Class Tom Samuel Lampard
Private Montague Willie Lampard
Private Gilbert Arthur Lane
Private Reginald Bertie Lane
Private Frederick Charles Lane
Private Frederick Charles Lane
Sergeant Gilbert George Lane
Private Arthur Henry Lane
Private Harry James Lane
Private Frederick John Lane
Private Albert Sidney Lane
Private Reginald William Lane
Arthur Lane
Private Mark Lane
F W Langdon
Private Edwin Charles Langley
Private William Lanning
Private Arthur William Lapham
Driver Bertie Lapham
Private George Lapham
R E Larcombe
C P Larcombe
Private Edwin William Large
Lieutenant Colonel Ronald Hastings Lascelles
Private John Laurence (Lawrence)
Able Seaman Arthur Henry Lawes
Telegraphist Leonard James Lawrence
Private William Sidney Lawrence
Private William Lawrence
Private Edgar Charles Laws
Gunner William James Laws
Leading Stoker Albert Laws
Lance Corporal Horace (LM) Lawson
Sergeant Rex Sidney Lawson
Sergeant Nicholas Leadbetter
Private Reginald John Leah
Private Reginald John Leah
Private Albert Edward Leaker
Private John Lear
W Leaver
Captain George Johnston Lee
Lance Corporal John L Lee
Lieutnenat Thomas Evans Keith Lees
Driver Wilfred John Legg
Driver Wilfred John Legg
Gunner S Legg
Gunner Charles Lemon
Gunner Charles Lemon
Rifleman Charles William Lever
Private Jonathan Lewin
Lance Corporal Henry Robert Lewis
Private Edward Lewsley
Captain Frederick Alexander Liebert
Private Charles Henry Light
Private Alan Northeast Light
Private James Light
Sergeant Percy Light
Lance Corporal Reginald George Littlecott
Private Cecil Littler
Private Charles (Charley) Littler
Private Reginald William Liversidge
Captain Nigel James Christian Livingstone-Larmonth
Private Reginald Alfred Loader
Deck Hand Arthur E Loader
Private Edward Simeon Loader
Private George William Loader
Gunner Robert William Loader
Able Seaman Charles Loader
Private Walter John Lockett
Able Seaman Robert Lockett
Coporal Walter John Lodder
Sergeant Albert Lodder
Private Reginald Osment Loder
Private Arthur Edward Lodge
Rifleman William Ernest Lodge
Private Charles Lodge
Private William George Oliver Long
Sergeant William Harry Long
Private George Eveleigh Longman
Private Bert Longman
Private Edwin Longman
Private Reginald John Longman Hamiliton
Private Herbert Percy Love
Private Herbert William Lovelace
A Lovell
Tom Lowther
Lance Corporal Charles John Lucas
Private Ernest Henry Luckham
Private William Thomas Lumber
Second Lieutenant Charles William Lush
F W Lxton
Rifleman Wallace John Lydford
Private Harold William Lydford
Shoeing Smith Henry James Lyne
Boy 1st Class William Lynes
Artifacer William George Lynham

Private Ronald Macdonald
Major Francis Julian Audley Mackworth
Private Donald Macpherson
Boy 1st Class Gilbert John Maidment
Private Clememt M Maidment
F J Major
Private John Male
Sapper Thomas Male
Gunner Harry Vivian Malphus
2nd Lieutenant John Kenneth Manger
Private Sydney Mansbridge
Lieutenant Edmund Morton Mansel-Pleydell
Second Lieutenant John Morton Mansel-Pleydell
Gunner Frederick Mansfield
Private Frederick Charles Mantell
Private Frederick William Markey
D Marnie
Lieutnenant Thomas Marriott Doddington
Lieutenant Commander John Russell Marriott Dodington
Sergeant Henry Clifford Marsh
Sergeant Jesse Shepherd Marsh
E W H  Marsh
Private Horace Frederick Martin
Private William George Martin
Private Reginald James Manfield Martin
Private Lancelot Lucien Martin
Gunner Donald Ralph Gifford Martin
Able Seaman Sidney Sherring Martin
Leading Stoker Arthur Martin
Lance Sergeant Isaac Martin
Stanley Martin
Private Tom Martin
Private Henry Edward Mason
Charles William Mason
Private Sidney Charles Masters
Private William Harold Masters
Private Leonard Henry Masters

Private George March
S March
Boy 1st Class George Claude Matthews
A D T Matthews
Private Albert Edward Matthews
Private Walter Frances Matthews
T P Matthews
Lieutenant Edward Philip Matthews
W V Matthews
Private John William Matthews
Private Henry Matthews
Private William Matthews
R G Maunder
Private Arthur Edwin Mayo
Lieutenant Robert Bruce McCreery
Captain John Aloysius McEnery
Sergeant John McGuinn
Robert John McKinnon
Private Harold Mead
Private Arthur Edwin Meaden
Private Christopher George Meader
Corporal William George Meatyard
Private Bertie Henry Francis Meatyard
Gunner F Meatyard
W J Melhuish
T S Melhuish
Private Bernard Victor Melmouth
Private Bertram John Membury
Private Ernest Merchant
Private William Meredith
Private Albert Tom Merrett
Lance Corporal Victor George Merrifield
Sapper Wilfred H Merrifield
Private Henry Merrifield
Gunner William Merritt
Private Alfred William Mesher
Corporal William George Meteyard
Private H Middenhall
Private A S Middle
Private Wilfred Henry Miles
Private Robert William Miles
Private Albert Miles
Private Frederick Miles
Private Charles Arthur Millard
Private David Millbank
Lance Corporal William Charles Walter Miller
Lance Corporal Maurice Daniel Miller
Private Enock Miller
Rifleman Frederick Miller
Private Harold Miller
Private William Edward Mills
Bandsman George Ernest Mills
J Milton
Sapper T Milton
Private John George Mitcham
Private William R Mitcham
Able Seaman Percy Charles Mitchell
Private John Edward Mitchell
Private John Edward Mitchell
Private Henry (Harry) George Mitchell
Lance Corporal James Reginald Mitchell
Sapper George Thomas Mitchell
Private Arthur William Mitchell
Private Fred William Mitchell
Rifleman Colin Mitchell
Private Earle Mitchell
Lance Corporal Harry Mitchell
Sergeant Harry Mitchell
Private Walter Mitchell
Sergeant Walter Mitchell
Private John George Mitchem
Private William Mitchem
Private Reginald Mogg
Private Cecil George Moore
Lance Corporal Thomas Henry Moore
Private Frederick William Moore
Corporal Gerald Moore
Gunner Leonard Moore
Sergeant Clarence Edward Moore
Corporal Gerald H Moore
Private Charles Tom not s Moore
Private Mark Edward Moores
Emmanuel Moores
Private William Moores
Private Albert John Moorse
Rifleman Ernest Moorse
Private Frederick Charles Morgan
Private Reginald Charles Morgan
Company Quartermaster Sergeant A H W Morgan
Private Charles Frederick Morley
Private Harold Charles Mowlem
Private Wesley Harry Mowlem
S Muggsgrey
Lance Sergeant Alfred William Mullett
Lance Corporal Edwin C Mullins
Driver Roger Frederick Mullins
Private Charles Mullins
Private Ernest Mullins
E J Munckton
British Red Cross Nurse Minnie Munro
Driver Sidney Leonard Mutter

Air Mechanic 2nd Class Walter Matthias Naish
Rifleman Frank ‘Francis” George Napier
Gunner Abdon Napier
Second Lieutenant James Napier
Vice Admiral Sir Trevylyan Dacres Willies Napier KCB MVO
Private Ronald Milsom Nash
Private John A Naylor
Private Albert William Neish
Nursing Sister Annie Neish
Private Ernest S New
Gunner Joseph William New
C E Newis
Sergeant Archibald Edwin Newman
A H Newman
W H Newman
Sergeant Herbert James Newman
Lance Corporal Albert Newman
Alfred Newman
Private Frank Newman
Private Frederick Newman
Private Frederick Newman
Private Edward John Newport
Lance Corporal Frank Walter Newport
Lance Corporal John Thomas Newton
George Newton
Private Thomas Newton
Private Gilbert George Noakes
Private Francis Noakes
Private William Daniel Nobbs
Captain J Nolan Martin
Private Stanley Norley
Private Harry Charles Norman
B Norman
Shoeing Smith Ralph Norman
Private William Norman
Able Seaman Bertie Charles Norris
Private Arthur Henry Norris
Private John William Norris
Private Arthur Norris
Lance Sergeant Ernest Norris
Lance Corporal Sidney Norris
Private Thomas Charles Notley
Sergeant Herbert Alfred Nye
George Oakley
Private Sidney George Oats
John Oborne
Lance Corporal Hugh Odgen
Petty Officer Patrick O’Donnell
Corporal Mervyn Offer
Sergeant Henry Martin Oliver
Private Charles Oliver
Lieutenant George Gilbert Onslow-Master
Private Reginald Charles Osborne
Private Edward Ernest Osment
Sergeant Arthur George Osmond
L/Cpl Harry (henry) Walter Osmond
Private Harry Osmond
Private William Osmond
H E Ostler
C F Ostler

G Ostler



Private James C Padfield
Private Francis Austin Elliott Paget
Private ???M R Paget
Lieutenant ???Colin Paget
Private Cecil John Paine
Private Thomas Carey Palmer
H J Palmer
Second Lieutenant Francis Reginald Palmer
Private Arthur Palmer
Private Arthur Palmer
Bombadier Henry Albert Park
Private Sydney James Park
Private Bert Park
Private Frederick Park
Private Richard Park
Howard Edward Parker
Rifleman George Henry Parker
Private E Parker
Private Harry Parker
Private William Parker
R Parmiter
Lieutenant George Roworth Parr
A E Parsons
Lance Corporal Herbert Edward Parsons
Private Charles George Parsons
Private Henry George Parsons
Private Sidney George Parsons
Private Stephen Grey Parsons
Private Arthur Harold Parsons
A J Parsons
Private Arthur John Parsons
Private Arthur John Parsons
Private Arthur John Parsons
Private Orlando Joseph Parsons
Private Frank Milton Parsons
Private Charles Parsons
H Parsons
Sergeant Sidney Parsons
Lance Corporal Tom Parsons
Trimmer William Parsons
A J Partridge

F J Patten
Private Bert Patten
Trooper Frederick John Paulley
Private Herbert Paulley
W S G Payne
Private James Payne
Private Sidney Payne
Private Matthew George Peach
Private Wallace John Pearce
Private Frank William Pearcey
Private Ernest Leslie Pearson
B  Pennell
R Pennell
Gunner Arthur Thomas Percy
Private Hamlyn Horwood Perham
Trooper Robert Ivor Perham
Driver Frederick William Perham
Private Bertram A H Perris
Private Arthur James Perris
Private Albert Edward Perrott
Lance Corporal Edwin Arthur Perry
Private Frederick James Perry
Private Hedley James Perry
Private Frank Perry
Private Harold Perry
Lt. Col Henry Cecil Petre
W A Phillips
F J H  Phillips
Private Thomas Henry John Phillips
Private Charles Philip Phillips
Private Walter Sidney Phillips
Private Albert Victor Phillips
Private Edward Shepperd Philps
2nd Lieutentant Arthur Thornton Phripp
Lance Corporal Robert Charles Pike
Private William Charles Pike
Lance Corporal Wiiliam Ernest Pike
Corporal William Ernest Pike
Gunner Joe George Pike
Private Fred Horace Pike
A R Pike

Private Edwin Pike
Private George Pike
Lance Sergeant William Pike
Private George Pilgrim
Lance Corporal Frederick Percival Pimm
L C S Pinney
E Pinney
R L  Pipe
J S Pippard
Private George Pitcher
Private James Arthur Pitman
Private James Arthur Pitman
Private Stanley George Pitman
Lance Corporal Andrew James Pitman
Private Nelson Victor Pitman
Private Reginald William Frederick Pitman
Private Charles Pitman
Private Frederick Pitman
Corporal George Pitman
Private Ernest James Pitman
Private Reginald Leslie Plenty
Lieutenant Charles Hugh Plowman
Gunner James William Plowright
J  Plympton
Private Frederick George Polden
M A Poole
F C Poole
P W Poole
Private George Harold Popple
Private George Portsmouth
J B Pound
Engine Room Artficier Henry O J Pounds
A/L/Cpl William George Powell
Private Ernest Henry Powell
Private Alexander Powell
Joseph Powell
J Powney
Second Lieutenant Sidney Ralph Pragnell
Lance Corporal Norman Conway Prangley
Corporal Frederick George Pratt
G Priddle
Private Frederick Ernest Prince
Private Arthur Prince
Private Arthur Prince
Private Sidney Prince
Private Arthur Thomas Prout
H C Purchase
W J Purchase
W S E  Purchase
W T Purchase
A Purser
Private John Charles Pyne

Herbert Quarry
Private Albert Alexander Quick
Private Frank (Quinton) Quintin

Private William Rackham
Private Charles Samuel Radford
Private Walter Radford
Private Frederick Arthur Raison
Private Walter Lynn Ralph
Private Edward Tom Ralph
Sergeant George Edward Randall
Private Charles Owen Randall
Private William Randall or Rendell
Lieutenant Arthur Bertran Randolph
Lance Corporal Frederick William Randolph
Acting Bombadier William C Rapson
E A Rattle
Private / Saddler Tom Hallet Walter Rawlings
Private Charles Lyddon Rawlings
Second Lieutenant Philip Colin Rawson
Private William Arthur Rayson
Gunner Edwin John Rayson
Private Harold Christopher Read
Lance Corporal Henry Ernest Read
Private John Henry Read
Sergeant Percival John Sheppard Read
Private Albert Thomas Read
Private Frank Thomas Read
Private Herbert Thomas Read
Private Ernest W E Gladstone Read
Private Frederick William Read
Private Thomas William Read
Private Garnet Wolsey Read
Private Bertram Read
Driver Edgar Read
Private Edwin Read
Private Ernest Read
Private F Read
Lance Corporal Henry Read
Private James Read
Private Herbert Edwin Redding

W Redman
Acting Corporal Cecil John Reeves
A T Rendell
Private Arthur Rendell
F Rendell
G Rendell
Lance Corporal William James Rendle
Private Frank Rendle
Sergeant Ronald Richard Rice
Rifleman Frank Rice
Sergeant Charles James Richards
Private James Richards
Major Paul Sedlen Richardss
G A Ricketts
A C Ricketts
A E R  Ricketts
Trooper Hubert Herbert Martin Ricketts
Private James Alfred Rideout
Private Percy John Rideout
Private Ernest Rideout
Private Frederick Rideout
Private Howard Frank Ridout
Regimental Sergeant Major Arthur Frederick Ridout
Gunner Charles (O or G ) James Ridout
Private William John J Ridout
Maurice T Ridout
Private Frederick Ridout
Private Henry Ridout
Private John Denis Riggs
C E Riggs
Private Lewis Samuel Riggs
Rifleman Frederick Riley
Lance Corporal David Herbert Robbins
Bertram Robbins
Lance Corporal Harry Robbins
Private William George Roberts
Sapper Philip Hugh Roberts
William J Roberts
Private Frederick James Roberts
H M Roberts
Private Harold Martin Roberts
Sergeant Walter Middleton Roberts
Private Thomas William Roberts
Corporal John Roberts
Private Walter John Robins
William Robinson

W Rodber
Private William James Rodd
Lance Corporal John Edward Rodder
Private Leonard Charles Rogers
Private Herbert Lester Rolls
C S  Rooks
Able Seaman Tom Alfred Rose
Corporal Edwin Charles Rose
Lance Corporal Samuel Job Rose
Able Seaman Benjamin Joseph Rose
Private Albert William Rose
Company Quartermaster Sergeant Thomas Rose
W Rose
Gunner Ptolemy Roskilly
Second Lieutenant Richard Dickon Ross
W T Ross
Sergeant Henry Gerard Rossiter
Private Mansell Rowden
C A  Rowland
Private Cecil Rowland
H B Rowsell
A C V  Rowsell
Private David E Rowsell
E Rowsell
Private James Ruddy
Private Maurice Chilton Ruegg
Lieutenant Marcus Ralph Russell
Lance Corporal Harold Stanley Russell
Private Frank Russell
Guardsman John Russell
Lance Corporal Victor Alfred Ryall
Lance Corporal William Henry Ryall
Private William Kitchener Ryall
Private Edwin Samuel Ryall

Private Richard Salisbury
Shoeing Smith Percival Edgar Sampson
A C Samson
H T Samson
G B  Samways
Gunner Geoffrey William Samways
C  Samways
Private John Austin Sansom
Private Sidney Herbert Sansom
Private S Sansom
Private Frederick Walter Sargent
2nd Corporal Charles Sargent
A B  Sartin
Private James Henry Sartin
F S Sartin
Private Ernest Saunders
Private Herbert Levi Savory
Private Thomas Harry Scadden
Corporal Maurice Frederick Scammell
Private Charles Score
Private H G Scott
Private Charles Henry Scott
Private Arthur Herbert Scott
Private Henry Scott
Lance Sergeant Percy Scott
Reginald Scott
Private Edward Alfred Scovell
E G Scriven
Rifleman Harrington Seabright
Private Charles Seacole

R Sears
Lance Corporal Albert Sidney Seaton
Private Charles Seaviour
Private Frederick James Selby
Private Charles William Selby
Private Herbert William Senior
Second Lieutenant Greville Crawford Seymour
Private Ernest J Shackles
Private William Shannon
Private Thomas Edward Sharley
F Sharp
Corporal Trevor Sharp
Private George Sharpnell
Private Percival Edward Shave
Company Quartermaster Sergeant George Lewis Shave
Private Bertram Philip George Shave
Bombardier Harry Shaver
Private Samuel Esdaile Shaw
Lieutenant Niel Shaw Stewart
Private Archibald John Shean
Private Oliver John Shean
Rifleman John Stanley Sheldick
Henry Shephard
Private Albert William Shepherd
Private Lewis James Sheppard
Lance Corporal Reginald Joseph Sheppard
Private Frank Sherrell
Private John Sherrin
Private William Charles Shiner
Sergeant Edwin Douglas Short
Gunner Walter John Short
Corporal F Short
Gunner Fred Short
Private Freelin Short
Warrant Officer Class 1 Arthur Richard Showell
Sergeant Sidney Shute
Rifleman L W Silk

F G  Silvester
Private C F Sims
Private Harry George Sims
Sergeant Frederick Hambro Sims
Sergeant Frederick Hambro Sims
Private Daniel Samuel Sims
Private Alfred John Skew
Private Charles Henry Skingle
Private Samuel John Skinner
Private William Smale
Lance Corporal Edward Dewey Small
C Smalley
Private William Henry Starlerd Smart
Lance Corporal Frederick James Smart
Private Walter Smart
W C Smith
Private Sidney D Smith
Corporal Wilfred Henry Smith
Private Hobart Herbet James Smith
Private William Jack Glencoe Smith
Frederick James Smith
Corporal William John Smith
Private Harold Leslie Smith
Major Leslie Morgan Smith
Corporal Charles Yeatman Smith
Lance Corpora; Cornelius Smith
Private Fred Smith
Ordinary Seaman Horace Smith
Private John Smith
Private John Smith
Sergeant Stanley Smith
V Smith
Sergeant R J Snelling
Private William Joseph Snelling
Leading Seaman William Albert Snook
Private Walter Harold Snook
Gunner Arthur James Snook
Chief Steward Robert Snook
Sergeant Oliver Snooke
Lance Corporal Arthur Sparkes
Private Arthur James Spencer
Private Thomas Spencer

W H Spiller
Private Frederick Richard Sprake
Private James Spratling
Private Tom Spratling
2nd Lieutenant Humphrey Osborn Springfield
Sergeant William James Squibb
Sergeant Frederick John Squibb
Private Joseph Squibb
Private Robert Alfred Henry Stacey
Private Ivan G E Stacey
Lance Corporal Victor James Stacey
Staff Nurse Dorothy Louise Stacey
Lieutenant Douglas William Stacey
Boy 2nd Class S H Stagg
Private Oscar George Stainer
Private Vernon Walter Stainer
Private Alfred Stainer
Private Jack Stainer
John Stainer
Private Samuel Stanley
Private Frederick James Staples
Corporal Arthur Edward Starks
Private Frederick Henry Steeds
Rifleman Henry (Harry) Steel
Private William Arthur Cecil Stevens
Shoeing and Carriage Smith F G Stickland
Stoker 1st Class Frederick Bertie Stickley
Private George Stockley
Private Archibald George Stockman
Lieutenant Thomas Hodges Stockwell
Private Frank James Stokes
Private Frank Stokes
Private Victor Stokes
Private David Frank Stone
Private Charles Henry Stone
Private Charles Henry Stone
Gunner Thomas John Stone
Private Walter William Stone
Frederick Stone
Private Gideon Stone
Private H Stone
Private William Stone
Lance Corporal William Stone
Priavte Edward Mark Strange
Second Lieutenant Hector Stanley Strange
Sergeant Henry James Street
Driver Frederick Street
Private Alfred George Strickland
Bombadier Wilfred A C Strode
W Stroud
Corporal Henry Woolmer Stubbings
Private Ralph Herbert Stuckey
Private Herbert Harry Sturgess
Lance Corporal Bernard Charles Sugg
W H Sugg
Private William Robert Sugg
S J Sumison
Private Daniel James Suter
Acting Corporal Richard Samuel Suter
Private Seth Suter
R V Sutton
H J Swainborough
W F Sweet
Corporal Leonard Harvey Sweetman
Lance Corporal Joseph Henry Symes
Rifleman John Sampson Symes
Captain Charles William Symes
Petty Officer Stoker Albert Symes
Private John Symes
Private John Symes
Gunner William Symonds
Private William Charles Syms
Lieutenant Maurice F Syndercombe Bower
Lieutenant Henry Raymond S Syndercombe-Bower

Sapper Henry James Tabor
Sergeant Frank Talbot
Private Walter James Talbott
Private R C Tanswell
Rifleman Percival George Tanswell
Private Robert Stanley Tanswell
Private Ernest Tanswell
A V Tavender
Private Arthur Ernest Taylor
Private Henry George Taylor
Second Lieutenant Sidney Harold Taylor
Gunner William John Taylor
Corporal William Joseph Taylor
Staff Sergeant Percy Lionel Taylor
Private Harry William Taylor
Gunner Archie Taylor
Private Bertie Taylor
Private Frederick Taylor
Private Oscar Taylor
Private Stanley Taylor
Sergeant Willie Taylor
Private Robert Muckart Templeton
Gunner Charles William Thick
Private William Thick
2nd Lieutenant Raymond Samuel Thicknesse
Private Reginald James Thomas
Private Everett John Thomas
Gunner Sidney William Thomas
Private Charles Thomas
Private Tom Thomas
Private Tom Thomas
Private Frank Thompson
T Thorne
Lance Corporal Walter Thorne
Private George William Tidd
Private Robert George Tite
Tolley get info from absent voters list
T Tomkins
Private John Frederick Toms
Private George Alfred Toogood
Private William Edwin Toogood
Private Arthur Thomas Toogood
Lance Corporal Frederick Toogood
Corporal William John Toomer
Gunner John Pyle Toomer
Private Donald Victor Toop
Lance Corporal Frederick Charles Tooze
Trooper George Rose Topp
Trooper Walter Thoephildus Topp
Corporal Louis Henry Townsend
J Townsend
Private Charles Edgar Travers
Private Charles Edward Treasure
Private William Henry Trent
Private Alfred James Trent
Private Harry C Trim
L/Cpl Ernest Frank Trim
Private Charlie George Trim
Corporal John Jack Trim
Private Arthur William Thomas Trim
Corporal Leslie B Trotman
Cadet Charles James Trowbridge
Battery Sergeant Major Ernest Trowbridge
A C Tuck
Private J H Tuck
Private William Tuck
E B Tucker
G E  Tucker
Private Tom Ernest Tucker
Private Richard John Tucker
Private Edwin Tucker
Private George Tucker
S  Tucker
Private Harold (Lawrence) Tuffin
Private Harry Frank Tuffin
Guardsman Grantley George Henry Tuffin
H Tulbot
Private Arthur Turl
Private James Turner

Gunner Norman Charles Unwin

Private Cecil Vallance
Lance Corporal Lewis John Harvey Vallis
Private Frederick William Vane
Private Gilbert Vardy
Private Harry Vardy
L Vaughan
Corporal Worthy Vickery
Lieutenant Austin Eyres Vincent
Armourer’s Crew Henry Sidney John Vincent
Ernest W Viney
Captain H T Vizard
Segeant Herbert Vose
Sergeant Frederick Voss
H C Vowles

Corporal Ernest Wade
Lieutenant Herbert Wadge
Private Arthur Bertram Wadman
Lance Corporal Henry Bracher Wadman
Private William Cecil Wadman
Private William Cecil Wadman
Private Harold James Wadman
Lance Corporal Percival Bruce Wake
Private Wilfred Ernest Wakeley
Second Lieutenant Edmund John Waldegrave
Lance Sergeant Harry Walden
Private Cecil Henry Douglas Walker
Gunner William Percy Walker Woodward
F Wall
Private G Wallace
Lance Corporal Herbert William Walley
Gunner Charles William Wallis
Lieutenant Harold Arthur Gordon Walton
Private Henry George Ware
Private Reginald Charles Wareham
Trooper Sidney Charles Wareham
Private Alfred Joseph Wareham

Private Alfred Wareham
Private Edgar Wareham
Lance Corporal Charles Wareham
Private William Henry Warne
Lance Corporal A G Warr
Lance Corporal William Henry Warr
Private Charles Warr
Private John Warr
Private John Warr
Private Wallis Warr
Lance Corporal Claude Archibald Warren
Private Henry Edwin Warren
W J P Warren
Private Robert James Warren
Second Lieutenant H Warren
Leading Stoker Harold Warren
Sapper Walter Warren
Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant Arthur Gregory Washbourne
Lance Sergeant Jack Fitzroy Waters
Private Edgar Eustace Watson
Lieutenant Wilfred (Val) Watts
Sergeant Frederick L Watts
Farrier Corporal J W Watts
Private Sidney Williams Watts
Private George Watts
John Watts
E B Way
Lance Corporal William George Way
R L Weale
Private Sidney Hillier Weare
Private Leonard Thomas Weare
Private Edward Weare
Private Claude Reginald Eldon Webb
Lance Corporal George William Webber
Lance Corporal George William Webber
A J Wedmore
Private Jehu Charles Weeks
Stoker 1st Class W H M Welch
J M  Welch
Private Horace Ralph Welch
Private Hubert F Weldon
Airman 2nd Class Samuel John Wells
Air Mechanic 2nd Class Percival George Welsman
Liueutenant Victor Cyril Wentworth Bennett
Captain Ivan Provis Wentworth Bennett
Gunner Robert John West
Private Jehu John Walter West
Lance Corporal Harold Wesley Wetherall
H F Whalley
Private Charles Henry Whicher
E  Whitby
S A  White
Gunner Fred Clifford White
R G  White
Sergeant Stephen George White
H J  White
Private Sidney John White
Lance Sergeant Cecil Maurice White
Lance Sergeant Cecil Maurice (Morrice) White
Private Joseph William White
Private Alfred White
Lance Corporal Arthur White
Private Ernest White
Private Francis White
Private Frank White
Private George White
H White
Corporal Harold White
Private Sidney White
Driver William White
Reginald S White (Whyte)
Private Harry Whitelock
Able Seaman Sidney Whiterogers
Able Seaman Reginald John Whitmarsh
W W  Whittington
Trooper William Arthur Whittle
Private William Gordon Wickham
Private Frederick Wickstead
Lance Corporal Leslie Reginald Wightman
Lieutenant A H Wildman
Private Archibald Percy Wilds
Private James Wilds
Edward Edward Wiles
Private John Edward Wiles
Private William John or James Wiles
Albert W Wilkins
Company Sergeant Major Ernest Wilkins
Private James Henry Willetts
Second Lieutenant Charles Montague Williams
H G Willis
W J Willis
Lance Corporal Samuel William Bertie Willmott
Private Alfred Edward Wills
Private Montague John Wills
Rifleman John Anthony Joseph Wilmore
Lance Corporal S William Bertie Wilmott
Regimental Sergeant Major Thomas ‘Tom’ Henry Wilson
Lance Corporal Harry Windsor
P J Winsor
S J  Winsor
Private William George Witt
Rifleman Arthur George Wood
G H Wood
Private James Henry Wood
Lieutenant Edward John Woodhouse
Lieutenant Arthur Hamilton Winthrop Woodruff
Private Harry Woods
William Percy Walker Woodward
Private Reginald Henry Woof
Private Walter John Woof
Driver Oliver William Woolfrey
Corporal Ernest George Woolridge
Private John Woolridge
Second Lieutenant Edwin George Englesbury Wright
Private Herbert Stephen Wright
Private William Thomas Wright
Assistant Cook Thomas Tom Wright
Second Lieutenant John Holman Wybrants
Private Charles Wyman
2nd Lieutenant George Hermon Wyndham
Lieutenant Percy Lyulph Wyndham

Captain Marwood Edwards Yeatman
Captain Harry Farr Yeatman
Sergeant William Yeatman
J H W Yerbury
Lance Corporal Phillip James Young
Private Harry John Young
R W  Young
F Young
Private James Young
Private William Young


14 Replies to “Find Your First World War Relatives”

  1. You have listed Sgt William Harry Long. Could you please tell me on which war memorial he is commemorated? Thank you.

  2. Searching through my database and the following information comes up. Is this your guy?

    SERGEANT William John Hall 23511 173rd Tunnel Company Royal Engineers died on 28th March 1918 and is remembered on Pozieres Memorial, Somme, France – Panel 10 -13. William was born in Blandford, north Dorset and enlisted in Dorchester, west Dorset.

    The initials on the Corn Exchange Memorial in Blandford,north Dorset are ‘A. J’ Hall but no-one is found to have died bearing those intitials.

    There is every possibility that there was a mistake and the intitials should read ‘W J’ for William John Hall.

    William John Hall is not found commemorated on any of the other Memorials in Dorset or Somerset.

    1911 Census finds William John Hall aged 18 an Apprentice Engineer living in Dorset Street, Blandford with his parents John (aged 48) and Annie (aged 39) and six children, Elsie Kate, Henry George, Alice Maud, Walter Jessie? and Edward James.

    1901 Census also shows Annie Elizabeth Hall then aged 6 but she is not there in 1911.

    Do let me know if this is your man? I have some other information if he is not.

  3. William Blencowe Wells Durrant – Melbury Bubb Memorial – West Dorset. Here is a mystery! de Ruvigny’s Roll of Honour lists details of William but leaves us no clues as to a link with Melbury Bubb. He was born in Bath and educated in Leamington Spa, Westminster, then Cambridge. Overseas links with Jamaica. Perhaps the local media can help?

  4. Hello again William,

    Searching through my database and the following information comes up. Is this your guy?

    SERGEANT William John Hall 23511 173rd Tunnel Company Royal Engineers died on 28th March 1918 and is remembered on Pozieres Memorial, Somme, France – Panel 10 -13. William was born in Blandford, north Dorset and enlisted in Dorchester, west Dorset.

    The initials on the Corn Exchange Memorial in Blandford,north Dorset are ‘A. J’ Hall but no-one is found to have died bearing those intitials.

    There is every possibility that there was a mistake and the intitials should read ‘W J’ for William John Hall.

    William John Hall is not found commemorated on any of the other Memorials in Dorset or Somerset.

    1911 Census finds William John Hall aged 18 an Apprentice Engineer living in Dorset Street, Blandford with his parents John (aged 48) and Annie (aged 39) and six children, Elsie Kate, Henry George, Alice Maud, Walter Jessie? and Edward James.

    1901 Census also shows Annie Elizabeth Hall then aged 6 but she is not there in 1911.

    Do let me know if this is your man? I have some other information if he is not.

    Kind regards Caroline

  5. Says,

    I’m trying to trace where Sapper William John Hall is buried he was in WW1 1914-1919 Great War unfortunately we have no idea where he fell, if you have any information I would really appreciate your reply as we’ve been looking for years without success.



  6. Hi,

    I’m trying to find out where Sapper William John Hall is buried he was in WW1 1914-1919 War unfortunately we have no idea where he fell, if you have any information I would really appreciate your reply as we’ve been looking for years without success.



  7. Hi,

    I’m trying to find out where Sapper William John Hall is buried he was in WW1 1914-19but have no idea where he fell, if you have any information I would really appreciate your reply as we’ve been looking for years.



  8. 2nd Lieutenant William Blencowe Wells Durrant
    I already know he is listed at Mulberry Bubb – but have no idea why

  9. Private Harry Christopher Biss 27342 2nd Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment was born in, and enlisted in Sherborne and died on 12th July 1917 aged 32 is buried in Kut War Cemetery, Iraq – Grave Ref Q.25 and is commemorated on Sherborne War Memorial. Harry was the son of George Christopher Biss of 106 Coombe, Sherborne and the late Ellen (nee Curtis) Biss.
    In 1901 census Harry was one of four children Harry (15) Ada (13), Sidney (10) & Ernest (4)
    There was a will published in 1917 listing Harry as an agricultural labourer who left his effects 3119 9s 11d to his father George
    From my database Harry is listed only for Sherborne. There are Five ‘Biss’s commemorated on Memorials in the Blackmore Vale area including a Henry Biss Company Sergeant Major on Henstridge Memorial.

  10. I’m trying to find out any information and what memorials Private Harry Christopher Biss is listed on. 27342 Dorsetshire Regiment. Born 1886, Sherborne, Dorset. Died 12/07/1917.
    Many thanks

  11. I am trying to find out which war memorial Private William John Fry 22294(2nd Battalion Welch Regiment) is listed on. He was killed on 5th June 1915 aged 34 years old. Thank you.

    There is a ‘William John Fry’ from the Middlesex Regiment associated with Shaftesbury in north Dorset but is not commemorated on the Memorial there. There is also a William Henry John Fry, 5th Wiltshire Regiment commemorated on Salisbury Memorial.

    Abertillery and/or Bedwellty (Wales) Memorials would be good to find out more about as this is where Your ‘William John Fry’ was listed as a resident before his death. (Why not try phoning Tredegar Councillor Malcolm Cross 01495 723316 to find out about names on Bedwellty Memorial?)

    Also William John Fry was born in Bridgwater, Somerset before moving to Wales, and although not mentioned on the Angle Memorial there, my database shows there is a ‘W J Fry’ for Bridgwater but this needs verifing. Further evidence towards a commemoration in Bridgwater links Florence (nee Pitman), William’s wife, who married again in 1920 to James Roman in Bridgwater.

  12. Private George Arthur Royer 3779 4th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment is commemorated on Middlesbrough Memorial in Yorkshire and on Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France: Pier & face 3A 7 3D. Details of men remembered on Middlesbrough Memorial have been researched by the late Robert Coulson and can be found on the website

    George was 16 in 1911 and one of six children and was working as a rivet catcher in the local shipyard.

    There is a touching obituary in the Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough 10th October 1916. The family are recorded as living at 37 Richard Street, Middlesbrough.

    Regarding your grandfather’s service records it may be they were among those lost during WW2 bombing on the archives? By end of August should be able to find details of medals etc – so do keep in touch.

  13. I am looking to find my uncles name on a list and a possible photo of George Arthur Royer Killed at the battle of the Somme September 15th 1916 age 19years .Thank you

  14. If you can provide full details of your grandfather’s name and any other information you may have, I search the full database for you.

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