Henstridge – A Somerset Village & The First World War


Lest We Forget

Packed full of original research and more than 90 black and white photographs, many previously unseen, this seminal study tells of how the Somerset village of Henstridge dealt with the First World War, of the men who served and their families and pieces together the life of another era.

By reconstructing the near-forgotten world of village life in the early twentieth century, particular attention is paid to the life and work of the people, as revealed through the medium of business, farming, crafts, education and religion. The analysis, set in the wider context of the First World War, exposes the magnitude of local families sucked into its deadly grips.

The First World War had a profound effect on society, yet today, parishes like Henstridge are bereft of visual reminders of the effort and suffering it induced; save the war memorial. So little is known about the brave people immortalised on the parish obelisk, for chiselled on the stone column are just their surnames and initials. One fact is crystal clear. More than 220 men from the Parish of Henstridge went to the First World War. Some never made it back. This is as much their story as it is a snapshot of parish life long gone.
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Lest We Forget